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Your Life, Reimagined

About the Process

Our work can address acute issues in a few sessions or I can support you in making long term changes, helping you to uncover blocks and shift patterns. In the bustle of modern society, it is more important than ever to make time and space to explore our deeper desires and dreams to help us to move toward alignment and living authentically. Feeling stuck and uninspired is a great beginning place for working together and provides important compost for creating a meaningful path forward. I tailor your journey to your unique needs, meeting you where you are and moving as slowly as you desire. 

IFS and Depth Work might be right for you if:

-You are looking to find a deeper meaning in your life
– You are ready to embark on a new journey 
-You want to live your life more authentically
–You are feeling stuck and struggling with finding your path or direction
-You are navigating a difficult time in life and want a supportive, nonjudgmental space
-You are struggling with making a big decision in your life

Reach out to schedule a free fifteen minute call to see if IFS inspired Depth Work is right for you. 

What is Internal Family Systems?

 Internal Family Systems is a powerful, transformative, evidence-based model. It works with "inner parts" which contain valuable qualities and information to help us heal and become integrated. When people say "part of me feels this way and part of me feels that way" it can indicate an inner conflict. IFS helps us to be curious about the different needs and desires within us. This powerful work can help move us into a state of confidence as we step into a life that is aligned with our deeper purpose. IFS is a non pathologizing model, there are no bad parts and all parts are welcome. I offer individual sessions as well as facilitate IFS workshops throughout the year. I also offer individual training packages for coaches and therapists wanting to integrate IFS into your practice.

What is Depth Psychology Work?

Depth Work is a model that utilizes depth modalities such as Jungian Psychology, dream work, working with symbols, alchemy, tarot and art to engage wisdom, self-discovery and healing. My favorite Zen koan is "Not knowing is most intimate". It took me many years and a lot of inner work to develop a relationship with uncertainty, but through the work I realized that it is a necessary component for big life changes. If you are ready to step into the unknown, I can offer support as we work together to shape your vision into a new reality. 

LGBTQI Support Services

I offer support to LGBTQI individuals and their families around issues of coming out and transition support, as well as other issues unique to LGBTQI individuals and their families. I have extensive experience in LGBTQI crisis work and working with transgender adults and youth and their families. Additionally, I offer competency trainings to therapists and organizations. 

Autism/Neurodivergence Support and Advocacy 

I have spent the last two decades involved in work with the autistic community, including raising two children on the autism spectrum. I love working with autistic/neurodivergent individuals and families needing support. I use an affirming, non-pathologizing model, recognizing the strengths and gifts that individuals hold while supporting individuals and families during the challenges that may arise while trying to navigate services and support in a neurotypical centered society. I have extensive experience with individuals with varying support needs, from those living independently to individuals needing substantial daily support.

Available by Zoom or in Person

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My name is Orlando, and I am an Internal Family Systems and Depth Psychology Practitioner. For the past ten years I have been studying and using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model along with depth methods such as Jungian theory and have found these processes of inner work to be life changing. I am a Level 1 trained IFS practitioner, and have training in EFT, Jungian work, mindfulness, and autism support. I hold formal psychology training with two associate degrees in Psychology and Social and Behavioral Sciences and a BA in Psychology, and am currently a returning social work graduate student. I have over five years experience as a crisis counselor on a suicide hotline, and a twenty year history working in autism and mental health advocacy. I have conducted LBGTQI+ competency trainings for mental health and medical professionals for the past six years. I take an intersectional approach to coaching, understanding the effects of marginalization, and have extensive experience working with LGBTQI and autistic populations and their families. I approach our work with compassion, curiosity, and non judgment. 


Masters in Social Work (In Progress)- Western New Mexico University

BA Degree Psychology-Sonoma State University

AA Degree Psychology -Santa Rosa Junior College

AA Degree Social and Behavioral Sciences-Santa Rosa Junior College

My IFS Training

-IFS Level 1 Training

-IFS Circle Training

-Frank Anderson online IFS Trauma Training

-Local small group trainings beginning in 2013

Other Training

-Certified EFT Practitioner 

-Level 1 Reiki Practitioner

-Certificate in Applied Jungian Psychology (Two year program) from Center for Applied Jungian Studies, South Africa

-Extensive Jungian Education through Jung Institute Zurich, Sonoma State University, Salome Institute, Jung Platform, and the Retreat at Pacifica University 

-Jungian Tarot Education through Jungian Perspective on the Tarot Level 1 and 2 with Ken James, PhD, and continuing small group work

-Cultural Competency/Cultural Humility extensive graduate coursework

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Support That Makes a Difference

Services and Pricing

~Internal Family Systems and Depth Psychology Sessions
~Autism Support for autistic individuals and their families
~LGBTQI Support Services for LGBTQI individuals and their families

-Beginning and intermediate IFS workshops

-Professional training in IFS integration into therapy and coaching work

-LGBTQI+ Cultural Competency training


Private Sessions
-Fifty minute sessions $150
-Sliding Scale spots starting at $60 

-Inquire about workshop and professional training rates 

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Reach out for a free 15-minute Zoom consult to see if Internal Family Systems and Depth Psychology work may be a good fit for you. 

Crossing the River

Michael Meade

"To be purposeful is not to be goal oriented, but to seek to reconnect to the source of one's life".

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